In the wild, beautiful Mother Nature sometimes or often gifts us with beauties such as bird feathers. Like presents dropped from the sky… a gift from the sky gods.

When we respect mother earth and not take from a disrespectful place but in honor and grace, she blesses us as we also give thanks for her and the life she gives us. All the many gifts that come our way, for what goes around, come’s around.

We want to maintain this wonderful land we live on. If we take only what’s needed in order to survive and not exceed those needs and the needs of our family then we are doing a good thing that will benefit all those who come after us.

Partly where I am going with this is if we don’t kill in the name of sport but only more so in the need of survival we not only cut down on waste and therefor pollute less waste onto our planet. Insuring longer lasting of life everywhere and thus also changing how we be at a core level living this life we live.

You see the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

So at the center of our being if we work on one area of our life to be more respectful, more honorable, more loving and have more integrity we will start to take more accountability for are actions in all areas of life.

This will rise are energetic level of frequency and thus the universal law of attraction will have to start reflecting back to you in the outer world the same vibrations you now hold in your inner world.

Business CoachThe more beautiful you are inside the more the outer world with show you it’s beauty and gift you more of that God given beauty.

Just like when a wild bird drops one of its feathers from the sky and you get to pick it up and maybe keep it for years on your alter in your home.

The gift of beauty is yours, all in the remembrance of the sacred of life and love.

What kinds of bird feathers is your favorite?


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