Did You Ever Create A Wild Jungle In Your Bedroom When You Were Little?

When I was little, just a young boy, I lived in the mountains and I remember loving monkeys, gorillas and apes…

I collected stuffed animal apes and did reports on chimpanzees, orangutans, guerrillas and other monkeys..

When I was little I used to be a little bit more of a artist and I used to draw, sketch, color and paint pictures of monkeys and apes.

I wanted to be like Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey and go live in the African jungle with the gorillas…

Jane Goodall

Dian Fossey

My favorite movie was Gorillas In The Mist.

Gorillas in the mist


My mother had a big piece of land for my siblings and I that we lived on and I remember I used to go out to the woods and climb trees, run around on all fours pretending I was a silverback gorilla stopping in mid run to beat and pound on my chest as I screamed and yelled like I was the king of the jungle.

At one point I collected branches big and small, some with leaves and some without and I brought them up to my room in the three-story house we lived in and I created a jungle in my room. Then I took all of the stuffed animal monkeys, gorillas and apes and toys of the like that I had and I hung them from the branches and mini little trees that were now my jungle bedroom.

Now many years later and much older I still would like to travel to Africa and going to the jungle to see the wild gorillas one day.

Wondering what your dreams was as a kid, what did you wish to do when you were little?

Did you create any type of jungle in your room?

The mountains that I grew up in when I was a child was the Santa Cruz mountains of northern California. Now most of my family lives in Sonoma County California and I live now with my own family out of state Tinting Windows.

25 to 30 years later I still have a deep connection with gorillas and I resonate with them as a spirit animal of mine. I use their energy as a spirit guide when I travel on energetic journeys through my own personal growth work and spiritual development.